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The Cargo Cult of Business http://www.cargocult.biz Clothes for discriminating CEOs 2012-03-11T03:36:46Z hourly 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 All Too Familiar http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/all-too-familiar-108/ 2012-03-09T19:21:00Z Ringo The Cargo Cults of Business Manifest Masquerade Thanks for Playing Derek Lowe: ..."a bunch of cells in a dish and a bunch of rats in cages. They determine what I'm going to work on next. And they can't be coached for success, and they don't care how much team spirit I have, because they don't listen to me." Quote of the day, maybe the decade http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/quote-of-the-day-maybe-the-decade-107/ 2012-03-03T13:50:41Z John The Cargo Cults of Business Technopolitical Design, Interface, and Usability Health and Safety Legal, Law, and Courts Government: Federal, State and Local Main Stream Media The means became ends in themselves.... Still Not Getting VoIP http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/still-not-getting-voip-105/ 2008-11-03T16:14:26Z Oliver The Cargo Cults of Business Y'all must be tired of me banging on about this..... In it for the money? http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/in-it-for-the-money-104/ 2008-09-12T13:44:06Z John The Cargo Cults of Business Manifest Masquerade Business and Corporation Related The "right" answer is, "Everything I've done up to now was either in support of this one over-riding goal to work in Acme corp's mail room / get an MA from City State U or was a side track I had to tolerate to get here. Review: On Truth http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/review-on-truth-103/ 2008-02-07T18:27:01Z John The Cargo Cults of Business Brain Trust Frankfurt says, "It is well known, of course, that a cavalier attitude toward truth is more or less endemic within the ranks of publicists and politicians..." More ways to infuriate your customers http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/more-ways-to-infuriate-your-customers-102/ 2007-11-29T04:42:14Z Ringo The Cargo Cults of Business Service With A Smirk Business and Corporation Related I honestly don't understand why terrible customer service is so common. It isn't that hard. Net Neutrality http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/net-neutrality-101/ 2007-11-01T14:28:00Z Oliver The Cargo Cults of Business What's Fair? What Isn't? - Libertarians face a moral choice. Listening to Experts http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/listening-to-experts-100/ 2007-09-27T02:44:48Z Oliver The Cargo Cults of Business At least the ones you pay good money for Requiem for Foleo, and a Prediction http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/requiem-for-foleo-and-a-prediction-99/ 2007-09-10T15:15:09Z Oliver The Cargo Cults of Business Palm had the right idea - it's time to re-invent the personal computer. Stupidity http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/stupidity-98/ 2007-09-05T15:06:00Z Oliver The Cargo Cults of Business Manifest Masquerade Pathetic Success Brain Trust One Corporation Under God Business and Corporation Related Main Stream Media Public Relations and Marketing Humor Or, why hire an expert if you're not going to listen? Jumping through hoops http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/jumping-through-hoops-97/ 2007-08-10T19:15:31Z Ringo The Cargo Cults of Business Manifest Masquerade I keep expecting to find "Have you stopped beating your wife." as a required question on one of those forms. Seven Wonders of the Internet http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/seven-wonders-of-the-internet-96/ 2007-07-07T14:08:23Z Oliver The Cargo Cults of Business The Internet really IS changing everything.... more than we know. K&N - Masters of Deceptive Marketing http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/kn-masters-of-deceptive-marketing-95/ 2007-06-30T18:21:08Z Oliver The Cargo Cults of Business One Corporation Under God Limited Lie-ability In Corporations We Trust Business and Corporation Related Health and Safety Branding and Values Humor Everything's "Green" these days, including the liars. Key IT Support Tool http://www.cargocult.biz/archives/the-cargo-cults-of-business/key-it-support-tool-94/ 2007-06-29T05:21:44Z Oliver The Cargo Cults of Business Design, Interface, and Usability Networking Technology Pure Geek Information Technology Humor Do you work a help desk or deal with users? You need this.