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Editorial Policy


We feel it appropriate to take a moment to discuss appropriateness, at least as regards this site. Our goal is to provide informed, rational and hopefully entertaining commentary on business and management practices, with the occasional rave or rant thrown in to keep things interesting. To the extent that comments and trackbacks are concordant with these goals, we welcome them. In the event that they conflict with those goals, or even seem
inappropriate to the tone and character of the site, we will delete them.

You’re So Vain You Probably Think This Blog Is About You

Obviously, for a weblog offering business commentary, we must address the question of how we handle discussion of our clients and employers, past, present, and future. Our policy goes beyond respecting confidentiality, and is simply to never discuss particulars. While we may often convey our substantive experience in an anecdotal manner, any such narratives will be highly sanitized to avoid identification of individuals and firms. If you think you recognize yourself in one of our narratives, it’s likely you merely have something to learn from your very distant colleague who is actually being portrayed.

A Few Quid Pro Quos

We do reserve the right to remove prior commentary for economic, legal, or even personal reasons should our circumstances or relationships to specific employers change. Corrections to articles which bear on matters of fact or content will appear as corrections with the original material cited. Simple
typographical errors and the like will merely be corrected without

The Big Picture

On larger fronts, we absolutely won’t tolerate hate speech, vulgar profanity, personal insults, or other gross incivilities.  If you cannot comply with these restrictions, just move along and find a nice, adult-friendly forum where your expostulations will be welcomed. It should also go without saying that we won’t tolerate spam, but there, we’ve said it anyway. We believe ourselves to be robustly armored, but if some of the UCE Scourge does get through, rest assured we will hunt it down and kill it and the ISP it rode in on.

Wrap Up

To sum up, we call it like we see it and we don’t divulge confidential information or inappropriately comment on our business relationships. We intend to display good manners and rational thinking, and we expect the same of our guests. In the end, though, We Are In Charge Here, and if you don’t like these policies or don’t like our attitude, please do everyone a favor and find another blog.

Thanks so much.

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