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The Cargo Cult of Business » More ways to infuriate your customers

More ways to infuriate your customers

Published on 29 Nov 2007 at 12:42 am | No Comments | Trackback
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There’s a post at Coyote Blog here: Memo to Customer Service…  mentioning some of the same things we’ve talked about here:   How to Chase Away a Customer   and here:  Enraging Customers

I’d like to add that in the hall of shame, Experian completely takes the cake.  It is literally impossible to get in touch with a human being without ordering a credit report.  Thankfully we are each entitled to a free one each year…  but in my case the problem I was calling to discuss was…   Refusal to issue a credit report!  

 When I did finally get in touch with a human being she was entirely unable/unwilling to tell me anything or be of any assistance whatsoever.  Experian provided far and away the worst customer service experience I can remember.

Here’s another person’s experience with Experian.  I suppose that given their business model, they have little incentive to good customer service where the public is concerned.

 But for those companies which are actually dealing with customers and potential customers this way,  I honestly don’t understand why terrible customer service is so common.  It isn’t that hard.

 Update:  A few more words on the topic from Seth Godin:  Please Go Away


-- Ringo
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