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About Paul

Paul is a senior networking consultant and high-tech entrepreneur with a dynamic career history. Paul has worked variously as a Chief Technology Officer for his own high-tech startup company (a bubble casualty, alas) and as a Senior Network Architect and Consultant for several Fortune 500 companies.

"I’m a hardcore geek who can quickly master a new technology, but I enjoy leading the way for other engineers. There are real problems with our technologies that need to be addressed, and I’ve always sought to be at the ground floor of any new revolution that improves  the way we live and work." Paul acts as an employee or an independent consultant depending on what best suits his clients’ needs. "I’ve never let myself be constrained by any single compensation model. That allows me to seek out challenging opportunities with a great cultural fit that are a win-win for all parties."

Paul currently resides in Indiana and can be reached at p•a•u•l•@•c•a•r•g•o•c•u•l•t.b•i•z.



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