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The Cargo Cult of Business » DTV Sci-Fi Is Shape of Things to Come

DTV Sci-Fi Is Shape of Things to Come

Published on 5 Jan 2007 at 2:00 pm | No Comments | Trackback
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I agree wholeheartedly with the predictions made over at geekmonthly in this article on recent direct-to-video distribution plans for several sci-fi movies.

The DTV approach may still be seen as a sort of desperation move for content that can’t quite justify the big screen, but I expect that going forwards sci-fi content is going to lead the way for a huge revolutionary boom in direct-to-consumer content production. The reason is that, overall, geeks are already sitting on personal high-end direct-experience systems, so there’s a natural fit in the demographic. To continue my generalizations, geeks are also notoriously voracious for sci-fi content, and declining production costs are making possible the narrowcasting of this demographic in ways not previously possible.
I think that ultimately we will see big-screen releases done for literal "theatrical" value, rather than being such a mainstay of overall content distribution revenue as they are today. We’re seeing this very dynamic take form this year with the decisions mentioned in this article.

I’m deliberately riffing Negroponte, Stevenson, and others here. The point is that the idea of a "channel" has already been redefined by the Net, and the broadcast media are still adjusting to the narrowcast paradigm. Think convergence between Universal and U-Tube, and that’s where we’re headed. The infrastructure is already in place and being used; it’s just a matter of time before narrowcast medium and perhaps even large budget productions become the norm rather than the exception.



 P.S. The detail orientated among the readership will have noticed that one of the categories I’ve filed this post under is "Apple Computer Related." Do the math there and see what you come up with for which demographic is right behind the geeks…

-- Paul
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