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The Cargo Cult of Business » Mrs Ken Lay, Enron, and Gitmo

Mrs Ken Lay, Enron, and Gitmo

Published on 17 Jul 2006 at 8:23 pm | No Comments | Trackback
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Your correspondent was privileged to be invited to a social event in San Francisco this recent week-end. The guests were drawn from among the literary and artistic best of the City, as bright and forward-thinking a bunch as one could hope to find. Great issues were discussed, but laughter and humor abounded as well.

The interesting circumstances of Ken Lay’s death came up. There was genuine concern that his death meant that the government would get no more money out of Mr Lay, and that Mrs Lay would receive, and keep, the proceeds of his life insurance policy.

Sure that others were better-informed on this manner than I, I inquired as to the crime Mrs Lay had committed, that would require her to disgorge ill-gotten gains. None, I was told. She has been charged with no crime, much less convicted. Why, I inquired, should she forfeit her life-insurance benefit? Was she to be destitute as a widow?

Apparently, she is guilty of being a bit shallow, and guilty of being rich. Still, it seems an odd juxtaposition that caring, concerned, and progressive-thinking people are in anguish over the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo, but baying for the blood of a person who has committed no crime. 


-- Oliver
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