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The Cargo Cult of Business » Symantec Bites

Symantec Bites

Published on 4 Jun 2007 at 9:24 pm | No Comments | Trackback
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Symantec was once a fine company. Peter Norton’s Norton Utilities could claim to be the most trusted PC utility program ever written.

But over the years, the corporate idiots at Symantec have ruined oth, and more. They are at war with Microsoft, the programs are over-burdened with usefull bells and whistles, and they can drag the performance of a Windows PC to its knees. Systems that run fine with Symantec switched off spend 30 minutes or more scanning if Symantec is enabled.

Symantec seems to spend all its money promoting its product, and none in useful development.

A curse upon them, then. We’ve switched to Kaspersky - fast, safe, reasonably priced. 

-- Oliver
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