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The Cargo Cult of Business » Tipsy Regulation

Tipsy Regulation

Published on 14 Jun 2006 at 10:49 pm | No Comments | Trackback
Filed under The Cargo Cults of Business, Brain Trust, Government: Federal, State and Local.

Check out this little piece of absurdity over at Coyote Blog…

 Bureaucratic Nightmare

One wonders if the regulators have been drinking.  It also occurs to me to wonder if there are regulatory implications of gay marriage in this context…  ;-)

I truly wish I had something more substantive to add, but my mind is boggled by this degree of regulatory over-reach.  I can’t say I’m honestly surprised, but I am appalled.

I’d like to see a constitutionally mandated sunset/re-confirmation process for all legislation, but now I realize we need the same thing on the regulatory side.  Seems hopeless. How do we scrape the cruft off of legislation and regulation? Suggestions most welcome.



-- John
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